Friday, October 30, 2009

Entrepreneurships: the new way to cope with global opportunities.

The month of November will be full of activities around the world concerning entrepreneurship .Between November 16th and 22nd, there will be events world wide to discuss the nature ,implications ,and prospect of entrepreneurship.
What is the meaning of entrepreneurships?. In a nutshell, means an attitude toward opportunities arising both from internal and external markets forces. The internal market forces, deal with the environment within firms which might be plenty of opportunities to take action on, but no all of its human capital is ready to do so because they lack the will to go for it. Some examples: Computer network, allows everyone to get access to data and information ,in such amount sufficient enough to build up an internal service platform(birthday greetings ,firm commemorations, data analysis for innovation applied on management and productive process, share value added services center ,customer services ) which might influence decisively the job performance, both in terms of social interactions and results. The only requirement to go along with it, is to have a the willingness to go for the difference .
In other words, it is required intrapreneurship , which is different from entrepreneurship, because the latter deals with the external markets opportunities, while the former deal with the internal markets. Business needs intrapreneurship , more than just employees doing he same all the time , trapped in the routine of changing nothing, to get over with the standard of value added which actually apply to the allocation of resources .
Entrepreneurships , is also important because it deals with the way people within a community, face the chance of doing something better and different, with the same resources available for everyone, but which otherwise would be wasted or unproductive. Even more, it would allow to create wealth.
At the core of entrepreneurship is to solve business problems with an approach based more on individual strength, than other based on external support or luck. Entrepreneurs stories are all based on the ability to pursue what others are not willing to go for, not necessarily because they do not want to, but mostly because they do not believe in. Strength ,faith, willingness , attitude are all mixed on both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. These input are the source of innovation, change and wealth creation.-
Behind great ideas there have been the seed of entrepreneurship. Burger King, Mc Donald, Amazon, CNN, Apple, Facebook, Twiter even our boss Google, are all the outcome of geniality mixed with passion, focus and tenacity to get what these entrepreneurs really believed in .-
Chile is also working on this subject .Just in November there will be 7 events related to entrepreneurship ,from north to south. In the end of the nineties, there were in Chile more than 1 million of entrepreneurs ,which outpaced the rate of entrepreneurship as a proportion of total population, of countries like Japan. Thus, entrepreneurship has become the input to mobilize energy toward a global scale of wealth creation.