Sunday, January 18, 2015

Money and politics: The chilean politicians under scrutiny

It is the only way to sustain political campaigns, to pay for advertasing and mobilizing people all over the places where voters are.No doubt about it.Money in politics, is the "cash card" any politician can live without. But there are some considerations,about money in politics : a.- It has to be legal b.- It has to be for good purposes But this is different to say that only reach people can do politics. After all, elections winning is also a matter of good candidates, and good candidates arise when they fit well with the times and mood of voters to fullfill their expectations.The right time ,the right man or woman,say it clear. So, money has a specific function which fall well behind that one of politics.Money can not solve, what good politics does.Money has limitations in politics,as it does not in business. Therefore good laws are necessary to set the boundaries of money, concerning its relationships with politics.- The institutional frameqork must be strong enough, to make clear the different field of politics and money .Politics deals with dreams,social achievements,government outcomes. While money is exclusive, politics is inclusive.While money has no principles,politics does or at least it seem it has. In Chile, the most pressing issue these days , deals with the irregular financial source some politicians used in past elections (2013).Current laws in Chile ,allow firms to give money for candidates, while they are participating in elections, but this does not mean that these donations can be used to by pass tax laws. Thus, like in many fields, after the worst happened, it create the condiitons to make corrections, to improve the quality of the regulatory board,and the penalties for those who cross the line. Those who believed that politics is the short way to make a fortune,are in trouble twice: a.- They are under investigation for fraud suspicious b.- They betrayed their voters.Whom they really represent to ,when it comes to approve a law? It is out of any decent consideration, to think that democracy has its price.