Thursday, October 15, 2009


Climate change threat : A requirement for a more efficient use of resources.

The whole world is looking for better answers to climate change. Copenhagen will be at the core of the matter next December , when the industrial and emerging economies will start to work at it. Let make a short introduction to the state of the art.
Although it seems an urgent issue ,which suggest that nobody care about it, the climate change discussion has made a decisive progress in the last couple of years, such that is not a back stage (secondary importance) problem anymore, but it is a front page problem which need to be addressed firmly. Thus, beyond the Kyoto protocol and its results, it has gotten the attention of key leaders. The Catholic Church and the Pope Benedict XVI, has made a call just a couple of year ago, for better protection of environment .This was a breakthrough step, given the fact that the religious beliefs do not have a clear focus on environment ,and the way the human specie deal with what it might be considered the God Property. The Nobel committee ,also said a word in 2008 , with Mr Al Gore as the laureate with the Nobel Piece Prize recognition.
Besides, world political leaders, The United Nations, the global news media, Non government organization, even celebrities from different fields, are all engaged in this challenge of controlling the pace which human specie make its way toward economic progress, keeping the delicate balance with nature and the environment.-
It follows that this BLOG ACTION DAY, should not be a day of sorrow, but a day of hope and expectations. Something is changing, and we should realized the scope of that change . Therefore , the next step is to identify the primary issues which come along to define priorities in this age of environment constraint.
On top of the list, it is the new concept of efficiency. From the economic point of view ,efficiency deals with minimize the monetary cost involved in the process of transforming input into output. With the environment considered to be a “free good”,(it means no price was needed to get that resource ) ,it was not include in such calculations. In fact, most of the countries measure of GDP increases, without considering the impact of such increase in the environment ,which at this moment might be negative. Thus ,this new concept of efficiency must be applied to every transforming action, into the whole productive chain. Actually, the main activities adding up pollution and dioxide emissions are :Electricity companies (23%),Industry ( 16,8%),Transport (14,0%),Agriculture (12,5%), Resources Exploitation(11,3%), Residential consumption (10,3%),Garbage (3,4%),others ( 10%). Almost 78% of dioxide emissions come from productive activities, not efficient enough in its productive process. It follows that Electricity which is in the first place, has become the priority for new sources of efficiency. So, let concentrates on that. There are already some interesting approach, like the “Smart grid electricity” source of energy power , which has been developed by Siemens ( , promoted at the “Meeting trade show” in Europe from October 6 ,up to October the 8 , in Barcelona .
We all face the challenge of getting the attention on environment issues, but also it is the time for focusing on productive sectors called to improve their efficiency standards. This is the challenge in the coming years.