Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Hundred days later:An economic focus

Once a Presidential election is done,It has been usual to ask both by the public opinión and the news media, about the first one hundred days in office for new Presidents.In fact, these days, there is an important attention to one in particular: The Mr Trump Presidency.- But what about the inertia any country has in real time?. What about its institutions?,What about its values and hopes?.After all winning any election is a matter of who fulfill better the voters hopes and expectations about the future and uncertainty : The one who better outline its key boundaries, and also shows the willingness to be in charge of each one respectively, becomes the leader. In such case, the more pressing issue for a new President, is about the change which is able to get 100 day later, in term of leaderships to keep the voters mood supportive for what may come next :The remaining of both Government program and its proposal. Besides, it is not an easy task to change a country in 100 days.However, this does not means that either different leaderships style ,or strategic focus, can not be set in 100 days. It follows that the achievement of any President in his first one hundred day in office, deal more than anything else, with the way leadership may change the course of a nation, for the sake of its economics progress,internal security, and stand in both the global economy and global affairs.Moreover, leadership imply to keep followers,a necessary condition to improve the support to a broader base . It does also matter whether it is a politician or a business man who is in charge of such task:Politicans has better connection with the formality of political process.They have at their disposal a whole set of resources beyond the legislative área, which includes ,lobbies, analist, journalist, think tank and the like, which reduce their transaction cost to learn about how to fit with institutions and the framework sorrounding government, such as special interest, and public opinion polls .- After the new leadership has been settled,to govern a country deeper into the following days, months and so on,requires valuable time to get the first outcomes done.Thus,aside from its historical base (USA), the first so called one hundred days ,becomes more of the draft of what becomes later the legacy, which is what really counts more. So,from an independent perspective, The Trump Presidency so far ,seems to fit properly to what it may become an enduring legacy. From the Latin America point of view instead, is more difficult to say anything while the judiciary process affecting most of their Governments, is in place, because in such a case ,the scope of working issues is more limited.- This year, the same question is about to be asked in Europe.Next week (May 7),is the turn of France. Then in september ,Germany and along 2017 other european countries as well. For every country, such a question has both different scope and relevance.However, In Europe, the issue to be settled this year, it is not a regular one,is about the future of the European Unión.So, in the coming months, and one hundred days later into his or her Government,French President and the New Chancellor in Germany, will face the same inquiry.Given the inertia and the French institutions, how come that the France and later Germany, will both have a leadership to make it better off in the years ahead?. For the economic stand point, these questions clarify policies and focus concerning either more or less government and the regulatory status in the economy. More government intervention mean more regulations, and less space for private sector and its wealth creation process.On the contrary, less government intervention means less regulation and better space for private sector to créate wealth. There is no way an economy may improve the standard of living without a sense of leadership.Leadership in economics, means where it is headed.During the south east asian economies crisis(1997), lack of leadership was a key restriction to make it broader early on, and later at some point , out of control.- Thus, in any case ,a hundred years later is still too early to call for definitive results in a new Government, more so when it faces the tough scrutiny of history.-