Thursday, March 24, 2016

Smaller world higher interdependence

The world has witnessed two political events, one of which unthinkable a few years ago. President Obama making an historical visit to Cuba , and President Gauck visit to China.Does anyone may doubt about the common values both USA and Germany respectively, share about what they stand for in the world?.At the same time, does anyone may be confused about the restrictive legal systrem and law implementation(Human right included), both Cuba and Chine share, concerning their domestic policies?.The answer to these question get to an unexpected explanation.The political stand of appliyng a more inclusive approach to those who were left out for most of the XX century, is possible because the world has become not only flat , but also smaller.- So , when the space anyone share with their neighbours become smaller, then it is the time to care about how to get along with them.Otherwise peace and new opportunities, will be difficult to achieve. This does not imply to quit the individual values or its relevance , for the whole purpose of being able to work thing out within diversity.But it means that pragmatism becomes more relevant than ideology. Techology has made possible to reshape the world into a smaller place, without changing the fact that year by year there are more people getting on board, and each of them with their own beliefs and values.However business opportunities, make its case to reshape the strategic perspective of a more interconected world as well.Some authors called the "Buttefly effect", but it is more relevant to consider it, like the strenght of world citizens , who throughout news technology means , increase the velocity of their interaction at such a pace that their abilities to broaden up opportunities , improves exponentially. Should politics be left behind this trend?. Should democratic values become irrelevant?. Because of politics and key democratic values, this new approach becomes possible. Otherwise the world would be like a close system with no means to make reinforcement a crutail requirement to improve both its fundament and outcomes. It get into the path of entropy or self destruction.- Latin America economies in particular, feel more confortable with this approach, which make it a more active partner for business opportunities arising from a global economy in its way to the path of prosperity for all, specially the chance of better expectations for those who needed it the most.- The world is moving toward a single global community, where it becomes necessary to foster what make it better and a more reliable place for peace, rather than what make it weaker. There are a lot of pressing challenges, hard to cope without a inclusive approach.