Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sustainable development: The UN goals 2015-2030

The UN has announced its 17 goals for a sustainable development, including the years 2015-2030.The previous experience (The milenium goals) should be a relevant path to evaluate what may be expected fifteen years from now.- Rougly the main issues within this coming goals are :(summary by categories) 1.- End poverty and hunger 2.- Increase concern about elderly health and well being 3.- Improve quality of education 4.- Better awareness about natural resources(water,oceans,forest,land degraddation, desertification) sources of energy supplies,infrastructure for sustainable consumption, production , economic growth and development.Above all, to take urgent action to protect the environment 5.- To protecdt women rights, genrder equality ,labor decency and productive employment 6.- To reduce inequality among countries .It means to increase convergence about each country GDP 7.- To make cities a better place to live 8.- Strenghten global partnerships for sustainable development Which one is more important?.Are they all complementary with a single purpose?.What about the necessary institutional framework to carry on these goals? The recent experience (2000-2015),shows that institutions matter for dealing with the risk of corruption, biased policies toward a few instead of those who require them most,government ineficiency and lack of transparency.- In some countries (Bnagladesh and others in Asia),was no possible to end poverty, and hunger among child population because of failures to improve first the quality management, its control standard and capabilities to deal with the isses at stake.- It is positive that the UN make a call for global partneship to deal with the sustainable development challenege.It is the lack of global gobernability criteria, the main cause of negative externalities arising from inmigration, wasteful of key resources, and Government failures to cope with internal gobernability.-