Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014: The year a lot of things changed

It is time for everyone for making balances.So it does happens with the economy, politics and other fields .We are less than a week away from begining 2015. What can be considered to be the outcome of 2014,wether positive or negative , depends on the side each one is on: either Optimistic or pesimistics.- From the optimistics side, things do not look as it was expected.Thus, the pesimistic ones are those who have the last word. However,2014, was a year of mixed outcomes.Let take a look at it: a.- From the global economy side, there was important progress in the USA economy as it moved along to a sustainable recovery.Whereas ,The European Union is still struggling to get into reliable economic growth path,increasingly difficult as the geopolitics take its stake on it. China is also in its way to find the proper economic growth path, taking with it the prices of commodities. b.- Latin america economies did not make it better.Most of these economies grew below the expected.Unemployment had a good perfomance, which is expected to reach near 6%, below 6,2% of 2013.- c.- Oil prices went down more then previously thought, and the trend is to continue that path because there is no evidence to have reached a bottom level.Less so, while there is no reduction in production level. The effect of this new prices are still to premature to say anything,except that those countries which depend upon oil prices have problems.- What to expect for 2015? It is not hard to say, that it will not be an easy year either.Global economy will face the situation of normalization in monetary policy in the USA while still struggling to get away from deflation, weak economic growth and geopolitics risks.- It will probably be a year for politics and diplomacy.-