Saturday, August 09, 2014

From globalization to geonomics?

Those who thought that globalization was the starting point for a new stage on both commercial and financial global ties, are probably thinking it over. It looked like economics by itself, was strong enough to get together no matter whether it was countries, cultures, and life styles .So, it was believed to be matter of time, before the whole world would become an huge market for economic growth and global prosperity. Perhaps, history has not said its last word yet, but the fact is that geostrategic interests of key global players, are somehow reshaping that premise. Economics variables on its own, seems to be not strong enough, to set commercial connections and new financial boundaries between countries.Growth prospective, investment, prosperity, consumption and employment , seems to be not enough to create incentives to foster cooperation and partnership between economies, beyond what they share as central values and principles as the driven force for global relationships .- In other words, Globalization seems to takes a secondary stand against Geonomics and Politics . The difference between globalization and Geonomics, is that while the former deals mainly with economics, the later deal with strategic politics. It does not mean that globalization did not take into account politics, but it gave it a pragmatic touch: Politics inspired by business ,instead of business inspired by politics. Obviously the former look stronger than the former . Is it too early to claim that outcome as the lasting implication from current events,between western economies and Eurasia?.It may be so. But the trend will not be easily modified. The key question is what kind of politics?.The one based only on a static and rigid ideology?.It is unlikely so, because there are new areas which expand the boundaries for a new approach on global politics, such as different sources of energy, environment, religious beliefs ,climate changes and global warming, education and health, infrastructure . A different matter would be that all of the mentioned, become the new ideologies, but that is to go too far on the discussion. Let the time to do its job.-