Monday, July 14, 2014

Malala Day : A girl stronger than her own time

More then 60 million of girls in the world are still without education. Education is a right for everyone, no matter race, gender or cultural background.Malala´s effort, will provide the chance to a lot of those girls, to become what their capabiities allow them to get in regular education programs.Otherwise it will be a waste of a precious resource: Human talent. There was an economist called Simon , who thought that education is not only a source of human capital, but through its endowment widely spreaded ,it is also a source for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurships, and finally it is a chance for improving the well being of mankind.To denied education is a huge social cost for mankind, just becasue it deny the opportunity to take advantage of those potential talents that only education can develop and improve further.- Besides, without education there is a lower chance of getting good standard of living, whether it is material or spiritual one.The ability to study and reflect is provided by education. The world need today more than ever reflection and peace, which are more feasible to get by educated people .Ignorance is the source no only of poverty, but also it is a source of displacement from any oportunity to become free as individuals, men and women. Freedom is the last justification for better education for everyone.- Malala seems still a young lady.What a challenging effort she has began!.She can not do it alone.Even at her birthdays, she asks not for happy birthday,which of course she deserves, but instead she ask for other girls´s destiny such that to make it brighter than currently is.-