Saturday, January 25, 2014

World Economic Forum : Davos 2014

This year the WEF has important issues to be concern about. Inequality, the future of capitalism ,and sustainable economic growth will be addressed by the attendants .They are world leaders, politicians, professors ,chief executives offices, all of whom give some time to reflects abut world problems .- Inequality has become a more visible problem. Globalization mean opportunities, but hnot all have the fair chance to take advantage of them. Thus, it is important to take action about it. Otherwise globalization can be seen as the opportunity for just a few. A recent report , (WEF - 2013)has said that inequality ranks in the fourth place, among a list of factors which can potentially leads to social confrontation risks.- However, these actions should go on the line of better public policies. After all, inequality can be considered as a failure of public policies. It follows that the main responsibility for improving equality is on the side of Governments. But, do Governments have interest to solve this issue?. Somehow it is a matter of votes. The more self reliance and independent people becomes , the less likely they will depend from government´s policies. Concerning the future of capitalism, it is well know that it fit itself to new situations. Global warming is a constraint for growth, but that does not mean that it will melt away the foundations of capitalism. Instead, Capitalism should be more focused on a value added approach .This is the so called “Conscious capitalism” or “ Inclusive capitalism”. Either denomination, it will depend more on knowledge as a source of capital ,and quite contrary to some expectations it will improve middle class welfare.- Capitalism need people´s talents to sustain the “creative destruction”. This has been the case in watch industry in the past as it is in the smart phones industry today. The very nature of capitalism is tied to human capital endowments. The money creation machine, usually overcome the foundations of it. Engineers, bankers, entrepreneurs, business man, seeking to get the best from profit opportunities which arise in their path. So, give education a chance to couple with capitalism spirit.- Davos 2014 conclusions ,will certainly be interesting to reflect about.-