Monday, October 15, 2012

WE the citizen of the world: A reflection

The current global events, whether these are economics, political or geopolitical, makes us all to believe that although We endure the burden of its cost , WE are not taking into account for its solutions. Lack of effective political leadership, weak institutions, the trap of wrong designed economic policy, the aggressiveness of those who believe they own the last truth, the pace of environment destruction, religious intolerance, women and the poor as the XXI century slaves, the nuclear threats , make us all to think that WE are going nowhere. This civilization has made outstanding progress on different topics such as, technology, science, artificial intelligence ,which have been the result of ordinary people, like We citizen of the world are, who realize that their abilities and skills, belong not to them but to the rest of us. So, We are the masters of knowledge and human skills As a result, We have become more engaged with daily life affairs, and because of that, We have become the conscience of the world, and the last moral column of it, who think that We need ( a. Religious Tolerance which we cannot live without. It make us all stronger as humans being, as long as we all share the value and virtue of life, We are all called upon to preserve it . b. Wider opportunities for freedom, both economic and political freedom , for those who live in poverty, oppression and despair ,who have become dependent from inefficient Governments and politicians, instead of themselves. c. Better environment policies. The world is not just a matter of rich and poor. It is also a matter of keeping sustainable God properties. d. Leadership capable of shaping the events ,and not the other way around As We move along into this century solving those issues, We will keep hope alive .