Friday, September 23, 2011

IMF World economic outlook: Any Improvement for 2012?
The IMF world economic outlook reflect the current risk of global economies.The GDP estimation decrease for developed and emerging economies fro 2011 ,from 4,3% to 4% and 6,6% to 6,4% respectively.-
Latin America is expected to have a slower growth pace this year down from 6,6% (2010) to 4,9% (2011).Although it still represents a good source of investment opportunities.Even political events, do not change too much this assesment.Argentina is next to have a Presidential election on October 23rd ,and the environment for investment and Economic growth is quite good.
Global uncertainties, might have some effects next year on Latin America , but the whole region is working on a basis of cooperation to face the situation.On this regards , almost all countries in Latin America will have a slower GDP growth in the year 2012.
The question is what the traditional economic tools might do to overcome the current global uncertainty?.In terms of effectiveness (short run impact), it seems too late to expect a turn around .Global GDP goes down for this year. However , lacking a global institutional framework,it might be the case that this is the time for politics:Global action ,global cordination seems to on top of the list to improve expectations for the year 2012.The worst scenario would be each one on its own.