Thursday, March 24, 2011

The meaning of equal partner: A preliminary approach

In his address to the Americas in Santiago (Chile), President Obama´s speech (march 21,)set the working boundaries for a new deal with Latin American countries. This one, based on mutual respect as it happens among equals, leaving behind the traditional backyard perspective. Although it did not specify any core initiative (such as a strategic alliance on the implementation of renewable energy resources, or climate change) to start up this new approach, it clearly means that from now on, Latin America stand on its feet as a global partner capable of working on different issues with their own partners .It also imply that in a variety of topics, it might or it might not be similar approaches .Let mention the issue of nuclear energy, environment, and agricultural export goods . Therefore, Latin America has become more independent as just a few leaders had such a vision decades ago. However, for its global stance, Latin America can not go alone, it needs a strong allies. Needless to say where it is or where to find it.
On the other side, there are key issues in which both Americas, have common ground upon which this new deal is really based on: Human rights, Democracy, Economic growth and development to overcome poverty and inequality. Latin America has become an opportunity for foreign investment, and it does not depend from foreign capital flows to get the resources to finance growth. Democracy is stronger than dictatorships to consider citizen interests .Thus, Latin America is in charge of its own destiny.
Some analyst expected more from President Obama , but a key question deals with the fact that there is more than one way to cut the cake. In other words, is really Latin America ready to become an independent global partner?. It seems of basic prudence to have some reservation about it. It seems that it is process still underway to be a more mature one . After all there are limitations for that purpose ,which have been set on their own by the Latin American Government .Let mention two issues: Trade and democratic rules. While it was expected that “The South America markets agreement”, (MERCOSUR), represented a chance for supporting trade, it has become more a problem than a solution. Concerning democratic rules, some Government still believe that they can do behind the back door, what they can not do in front of everyone. Latin America News media capabilities, means that transparency is an obligation for politicians , the same way it is in developed countries.-
No matter some doubts ,hope and expectations is what really means by now this new approach. However, this time there is a really good chance to become a reality: Both Americas working like equals: We are all Americans.