Friday, July 06, 2007

Eastern Island Civilization collapse: An economic point of view (II)

Is it global warming and climate change an accounting problem?. Unfortunately it is not an accounting problem. Environment accounting , might help to register the losses on the environment arising from economic growth ,but it does not solve the core issue of degradation resulting from human intervention on ecological equilibriums . Brazil, has done a lot of progress taking into account the accounting of environment damage , but of course that it is not neither the whole problem ,nor the whole solution. Real prices of environment damage, are higher than the prices economic agent (consumers and producers)are currently paying, so there is over consumption . It follows ,it is rather a market failure which requires a different institutional framework.-
Third lesson arising from Eastern Island experience, is the fact that weak institutional framework for environment protection and policies design, can be as much harmful as it is the human intervention on environment . When societies do not have the proper institutional framework to cope with any challenge coming across to their survival , it is harder to overcome the consequences of it. There is no tools which to get hand on, therefore no possible solution to count on. Eastern Island civilization, did not have such an institutional framework because at one point in time, they probably did not realized how important was the environment, but when they did ,it was too late.-
Actually, there is not a global environment institution, as it is for trade (WTO), world peace (UN),education (UNESCO),labour (ILO) and the like .The UN, has been trying to move forward on the issue based on a political “good willing” approach , but it seems that the time is for deeper commitment which involves new friendly environment technologies, reduction of dioxide carbon emissions , better incentives for “green bonds” trade markets , permanent dialog on the issue and the like. All of these challenges are, quite demanding for any organization with objectives , different to that one connected exclusively with the environment protection.
Fourth lesson. There is a moment for thinking , and a moment for solutions. When the right time is over, there is no way to get it back. It is interesting to mention that even though we can borrow everything we need in excess to current available resources, including time when we extend our life span throughout scientific progress , we can also borrow time for environment purposes. The green bond markets is an effective mechanism to borrow time for environment protection.
The Eastern Island civilization ,realized too late that the time for solutions aimed to avoid the environment damage , was over. Therefore , they moved to a different set of solution. How to make the proper decisions to survive , minimizing the cost of destroying themselves?. The decided to chose someone , capable of imposing the rules under the new conditions .That was their “solution”. Ours ? . It would be to ask for new global environment institutions.-
The Stern report and the recent UN report ,are clear yellow lights indicating that we are at the right time to implement solutions concerning environment better protection. If we do not work for solutions , what would be our legacy left for posterity? .. Eastern Island civilization ,at least left behind the "Moais" (stone made monuments).

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