Friday, January 20, 2006

New leaderships profile in global society

Perhaps as a unintended consequence of globalization ,new leaderships are arising beyond what has been usual .Chile has a new President, but this time it is a woman, Bolivia has a new President, but this time it is an Aymara Leader, Argentina had a new President ,but this time it came from the south of the country far away from the Capital ,the center of political power. Brazil had a new President, but this time it came from the labor sector. What does all of this means ?. Under the global scrutiny done for global media, every one has the chance to participate ,and nobody is excluded from the main stage. . It seems like Global society is more inclusive, and also more diversify on topics to focus the attention on. The implications of this, is that in the future we will probably have more of these developments. Anyway ,sociologist can give a better answer to what the economists have created.-

Let take a brief looks to the isssue.Women has been discriminated in many countries ,even advanced ones,for a lot of years. The new economy and the information society, has created new opportunities for them. For instance, some of the new internet oriented business, have women on top of its management models. Global news media, has projected women into our homes throughout Global TV news, talks shows, and the likes ,in such a way ,that has allowed us to realized hers capabilities for analysis and communication skills. Financial services, also has provided new chances for women to get on top. In Spain, a woman is on the top of the most important Banks.As a result, there is a different perception of her potential contribution in global society, fostering public opinion to give them support .Today, women are well evaluated in opinion polls, concerning topics such as leaderships .-

Ethnicity is also a new ingredient in global affairs .However, from the historical perspective, this is rather a matter of justice. The Peace Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Manchu, in the beginning of the nineties, focused a more active attention on minorities ethnic groups, which for many years were on a secondary place of the daily debate . Movies ,have also done an interesting job on changing that. Thus, when Latin America celebrated in 1992 , the five hundred years of Christopher Columbus discovery of these lands , the concept underlying such a celebration ,was the encounter of two civilizations, rather than the surrender of one to another. From then on, ethnics minority become a central issue for developments specially because a high proportion of poverty is concentrated on those sectors .-

Firms has also become a more democratic place for work. Knowledge is in all decisions levels throughout computer network , such as today it is an asset to take advantage on. Because of his experience, Workers are the owner of such Knowledge, which is the new production means firms needs to get profits from. So , Workers are not excluded , They are part of firms` decisions , of course keeping in mind the firm` s right to make the better decisions. Today s` workers are no longer the undesired guest .There is the perception that it can be a partner to support both rational policies and decisions .-

Finally, the real issue it might be centralization opposite to decentralization of power to new actors . That is what matter in all this process of new leaderships .Global society is more democratic than expected and the traditional elites have the burden of so many years of exclusions ,that a better informed public opinion wants to try new path. The essential, is to understand that , world has become more diversify with wider space for different views, perceptions and impressions. So , in the beginning of the twenty one century , Welcome global society!. What are the risks?. Give time a chance..

PD : Today I begin my vactions.So ,I will keep in touch with this blog but with a different timing.

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